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Canon Euro-2012 Service and Support

Canon Europe is pleased to inform that Broadcast service and support will be present at the Euro-2012 in Poland and the Ukraine.

This to support Broadcasters in making this event to a success.
Below you can find the contact details for our 2 support centers in Poland and the Ukraine.

For any questions and needs of support please contact your nearest support center.

Studiotech Poland Sp. z o.o.
ul. Bażancia 53, 02-892 Warszawa
tel.: +48 (22) 644 10 25 fax: +48 (22) 648 01 71 e-mail: studiotech@studiotech.pl
Marciej Zlomanski (Studiotech Poland)
Phone number: +48.505171419
Mr. Hank Yoshida (Canon Europa)
Phone number: +44.7969010858
e-mail: hitoshi.yoshida@canon-europe.com

Engineer Service
15 Vavylovykh str., Kiev, 04060, Ukraine
+38 (044) 593-18-20 +38 (096) 532-96-82 (Киевстар) e-mail: info@iservice.kiev.ua
Mr. Pavel Ioffe (Canon Ru)
Phone number: +7.9175803482
Mr. Roy Voortman (Canon Europa)
Phone number: +31.650276692
Phone number:+380913686644 
e-mail: roy.voortman@canon-europe.com