Canon VB-R13VE


Vandal-resistant network PTZ camera with an f/1.4-4.6 lens, 30x zoom, a 1/3" CMOS sensor capturing Full HD images, continuous 360° panning, IP66 and IK10 ratings, outstanding low-light performance and built-in analytics functions.



    • 30x zoom for exceptional detail and surveillance coverage
    • Continuous panning, Auto-Flip and advanced subject tracking
    • Stunning low-light performance and fast, accurate auto focus
    • Vandal and weather resistant, with an extended operating temperature range
    • Enhanced Digital Zoom extends the camera's zoom capabilities while maximising image quality
    • Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction and Area-Specific Data Size Reduction (ADSR) maintain video quality while reducing bandwidth usage
    • On-board analytics functions provide intelligent alert detection capabilities
    • Configure and view live streams on supported web browsers and mobile devices
    • ONVIF® Profile S and Profile G compliant

Caratteristiche dettagliate

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Full HD images with telephoto zoom

Monitor and record high-quality images in Full HD using the powerful 30x zoom and sensitive 1/3" CMOS sensor. Tracking subjects is easy thanks to the continuous 360° panning at a superfast 450° per second, while Auto-Flip lets operators keep subjects in view without changing their handling perspective. The camera's in-built analytics profiles provide sophisticated detection capabilities, automatically alerting operators to suspicious situations and activating recording.

Stunning low-light performance

The VB-R13VE's wide-aperture Canon f/1.4-4.6 30x optical zoom lens captures outstanding levels of detail even at full zoom in light conditions as low as 0.05 lux (for colour images). Aspherical lens elements and High UD-distortion suppression help prevent chromatic aberration, while Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction dynamically controls noise levels to improve performance in low-light conditions.

Ready for any climate

From dry, arid climates to humid, tropical conditions, the VB-R13VE's IK10 vandal-resistant design and IP66 weather proofing mean it won't let you down. The camera meets NEMA250 Type 4X and IEC 60950-1/23 standards, providing further environmental protection and reliable operation in extreme temperatures, from -50°C to 55°C.

Get even closer

Building on its 30x optical zoom, the camera's Enhanced Digital Zoom improves image quality and extends the camera's zoom capabilities even further. If the camera reaches its optical zoom limit, Enhanced Digital Zoom takes over to digitally extend the camera's magnification, enabling powerful long

Specifiche tecniche

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Digic DV III

Gestione del controllo e della qualità dell'immagine


Elaborazione di rete efficiente

Optical 30x zoom

Ingrandimento ottico di alta qualità

enhanced digital zoom

Ingrandimento digitale migliorato

Full HD

Risoluzione Full HD

All weather Model

Notevole protezione dagli agenti atmosferici


Rotazione continua

Auto SSC

Smart Shade Control (SSC) automatico

Intelligent Function

Analisi del contenuto video

Simple Camera Setting

Configurazione in un clic


Protezione antivandalo certificata


Resistente alle intemperie


Opzioni di alimentazione multiple

PoE plus

Power over Ethernet

SD Card

Registrazione Edge

  • Unità principale VB-R13VE
  • CD-ROM di configurazione
  • Cavo di interfaccia alimentazione
  • Cavo di interfaccia I/O
  • Chiave inglese
  • Guida di installazione
  • Scheda di garanzia
  • Opuscolo della garanzia
  • Precauzioni per l'utilizzo di schede di memoria

Calcolatore angolo di visualizzazione (AOV)

Calcolatore spazio su disco richiesto (RDS)

Simulatore di posizionamento della videocamera (CLS)